Joel as a person 

person joel

I am Joel. I am an older brother to one younger brother. My father is addicted to Facebook. My mother is a lesbian. My house is a gallery where people buy Asian art and European furniture. I am as standard as my family.

Born in England > Lived in Japan > Moved to Israel.
Somewhere along the way I fell in love with design.

I am nice, outgoing, friendly, funny with a passion for learning. I'm also a perfectionist and quite short.

Joel as a designer 

designer joel

I've been designing websites since age 13, when I started learning HTML.
My attraction to design only grew, along with my attraction to code.

I currently know (and will hopefully know more by the time you meet me):

  1. Photoshop & Dreamweaver CS4
  2. XHTML
  3. CSS
  4. PHP
  5. Slowly but surely Learning Javascript

I care a lot about code, design and web standards and I do my best to keep up to date.

Joel has a résumé 

full name: Joel Califa
birthdate: 07/18/1988 (which would make me 21)
citizenship: British, Israeli
languages: Mother tongue English and Hebrew (touch typing in both)

2008-2008 6b studio design preparatory course
2003-2006 Rothberg Highschool in Computer Science and Music (Vocals)

Professional experience
2008-2009 Technical Support Department - LivePerson

  • Technical support agent for the largest online Live Chat company.
  • Included work with American SMB and ENT clients (including Adobe, Apple and Bank of America).
  • Quick touch typing in English and multitasking capabilities for multiple concurrent online chats.
  • Experience in working with other departments.
  • Knowledge of HTML, LivePerson javascript code and operating systems (OSX and Windows).
  • Intimate knowledge of the LivePerson program and set up process.
  • Ability to stay focused over long, high pressure shifts.

2008-2008 Field Marketing - Workoholic

  • Field marketing for a bar/restaurant industry human resources website.
  • Completed a course in Marketing Psychology.
  • Experience in working in a team and working with people.
  • Received the "Best Salesman of the Month" title twice in a row.
  • This job required charisma, persuasion and a dynamic approach to each potential client.

2008-2008 Bartending - Camelot Bar

  • High pressure shifts.
  • Knowledge in booze should the need arise.

2006-2008 Military Service

  • Six month boot-camp in the Field Intelligence Corps.
  • Served in the Intelligence Office of the Infantry Command Training Base
  • Had no choice but to learn punctuality :)

randomly ordered interest stairs
Too much television.
The internet and all its wonder.
Design (as you may have guessed :P).